Business Expansion Services

Business Expansion Services

We help our clients formulate and execute their global business expansion initiatives, strategic plans, and tactical programs, which create paths to successful near and long-term growth. We develop our clients’ capacities to obtain a deep understanding of their target markets, competitive environments, and knowledge networks. This helps them to mitigate risk, offers them the early-mover advantage and allows them to capitalize on constantly arising business opportunities. Cultural Intelligence (CQ) developed over more than 25 years of global business projects in markets such as India, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, Chile, the UK, and France has provided us with the insights, tools and knowledge to adapt our clients initiatives to the norms, nuances and customs of the target markets where our clients do business. This imparts our clients with the ability to see the business through the eyes of their customer. Our primary tools are:

Executive Retreats, Board Meeting, Corporate Gatherings & Special Celebrations: iGrowth Strategies offers a wide range of global venues for your corporate or social event. Whether your plans are for an Executive Retreat, a Board of Directors meeting, an Incentive Reward, or a special celebration, we can arrange the perfect space. From intimate boardrooms to large halls to exclusive resorts, we can accommodate your group of ten to 500 depending upon your needs. In our network, we have the venue to guarantee a memorable event.

From luxury ranch retreats in the Colorado mountains, to the finest hotels in top ski resorts around the world, to exclusive beach resorts, our locations in over 25 countries including Mexico, France, Spain, Turkey, Croatia, Chile and the USA, iGrowth Strategies has the expertise and track record to meet the needs of your group no matter the size.

Global Business Growth and Expansion: We work closely with our clients to develop their global business expansion strategy. Then, we determine priorities and timelines for country-specific market entry helping clients to identify the most opportune markets, which are ready, willing, able and interested in our clients’ products and services.

Project Leadership and Execution: Our globally dispersed teams work closely with the client in both their home market and the country in which they are targeting their expansion efforts. Through frequent team meetings, we drive the action plans and the associated timelines to ensure that together we accomplish the established milestones. Constant communication leads to clarity, transparency and accelerated success.

Implementation Frameworks: we go far beyond strategic recommendations to develop clear, actionable programs that are focused on your capacities, capabilities, and resources. Together, we execute the plans that we have developed jointly and help you accomplish your goals because your success is our success.

Current State Assessment: lead SWOT analysis; conduct structured interviews, measure market demand, and analyze competition to gain insights and address gaps in awareness in targeted markets.

Highlighting Breakthrough Opportunities: we generate a multitude of ideas through onsite meetings, brainstorming, creativity exercises and proprietary analytical methodologies to drive further exploration to determine business attractiveness and fit with clients’ goals, strategy, capacity and capabilities.

Innovation: we help clients fine-tune their products or services to create new dimensions of performance, effectiveness, efficiency or competitive advantage that optimize the value of their company to the prospective customer. Then, we take them to market guiding them through product development and market launch.

Scenario planning: war gaming tools and techniques we use to test business strategies through accelerated time frames to identify trends and explore the implications of projecting them forward as high, medium and low forecasts to build plausible views of a small number of different possible futures for an organization operating in conditions of high uncertainty

Strategic Planning: a disciplined effort to develop the steering mechanism to guide the organization under conditions of complexity and uncertainty while directing it towards growth and profitability. It produces fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide what an organization is, what it does, and why it does it. It requires extensive information gathering, an exploration of alternatives, and an emphasis on the future implications of present decisions. It facilitates communication, accommodates divergent interests and values, participation, and fosters orderly decision-making and successful implementation.

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