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Global Expertise and Representative Projects

Market Exposure and General Overview
David M. Talon and the iGrowth Strategies Team has conducted over 250 distinct projects in 42 countries since the mid-1980’s. These projects focused on Business Expansion, Manufacturing, Cultural Intelligence (CQ), Two-way Trade, Strategic Planning, Competitive Intelligence, Sales Strategy & Training, Market Research, Negotiation, Strategic Alliances, and Product Launch. Markets as diverse as India, Costa Rica, Australia, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, France, the UK, Colombia, Peru, Chile and many more have been the country-specific focus of these projects. An abbreviated list of projects follows below:

New York, New York, Global Business Strategy & Execution – US Manufacturing Company
Brought on to revitalize, restructure and re-launch the international sales operations for a US-based manufacturer. Directly involved in the recruitment and selection of Regional Sales Directors for Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Worked closely with this team to create the requirements for country sales agents in each region. Helped to guide, strengthen and optimize the process to create regional and country-specific marketing plans.

New York, New York, International Partner Development – US Medical Equipment Company
Assisted a US Medical systems company with their international expansion into more than 25 countries located in Western Europe and Latin America. Helped them to develop regional competitive profiles, understand foreign distribution channels, rank & prioritize market entry timing, recruit & select distribution partners, and execute the product launch strategy.

Denver, Colorado, International Distribution Expansion – Cleantech Device Manufacturer
Developing strategy and tactics to help a Colorado based Clean Technology device manufacturer initiate international market penetration through the identification and selection of key distributors in select countries in Latin America and Asia. Company was a semi-finalist and first-runner up finalist in the Rocky Mountain Cleantech Open 2012.

California, US/Latin America Product Launch Research – Fortune 50 Auto Manufacturer
Conducted extensive market research in Brazil, Mexico and US to adapt and distribute internal financial training courses to a wider industry cross-section through strategic partnerships with major players in the banking industry. Tasked with assessing market potential, interviewing potential alliance partners and developing the market entry strategy.

Colorado, Americas Market Entry – US Manufacturing Company
Devised strategy and tactics for US manufacturer to conduct fast-start market entry in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Chile and Argentina by creating a 2+ week senior executive market visit to these five countries. Through a dedicated trade mission, we introduced this company to the three best distributors in each country, based upon our research prior to the trip. Distributors were selected within each country within 2 months and an expansion to the remainder of the Americas occurred over the next 2 years. The company relocated a substantial portion of their manufacturing operations to South America five years after they entered the market.

California, Global Business Strategy & Execution – US Telecommunications Company
Led an initiative for US telecom services company to develop their global strategy and create their international distribution network. Project involved developing their competitive profile, establishing market entry priorities, identification and selection of distribution partners and engaging in product launch coaching.

Delhi, India, US Market Research & Alliance Development – Leading India Marketing Firm
This top ten Indian Marketing Services firm contracted David M. Talon to conduct the Keynote Speech at the ISP XChange conference to provide the rapidly growing Indian telecommunications and ISP industries with insights, education and contacts in the USA. iGrowth assisted Indian firms in developing strategic alliances and partnerships to rapidly grow these formerly monopoly-protected industries.

London, England, US Market Entry Research – UK Technology Investment Firm
Conducted an in-depth market entry research project to determine viability of launching product in the USA. Developed research parameters and market survey tools used to develop a competitive intelligence profile, identify prospective client base and map the existing distribution channels. Executed 10 potential client demonstrations in three distinct verticals to surface client input and help client arrive at go/no-go decision.

Massachusetts, India Market Research Project – US Mid-Tier Consulting Firm
iGrowth Strategies developed an in-depth India Market Research report focusing on the Top Ten Information Technology companies in the Software Services Industry. This report featured primary market research and competitive intelligence interviews with mid-level and senior executives in this sector. The US used this report to develop key strategic alliances and partnerships with firms offering complementary services in India.

Mexico City, Market Analysis & Strategy – Fortune 50 Auto Manufacturer
Helped the Marketing & Product Planning Department in Mexico City to improve their consumer marketing studies. Trained the staff on competitive intelligence and helped them develop a competitive Intelligence (CI) manual. Offered training in market research techniques and helped the team to develop a comprehensive supply chain inventory.

California, Client Satisfaction Survey – US eLearning Software Company
Assumed the role of the Senior Relationship Manager for a midsize vendor to a Fortune 50 manufacturer. Identified 63 OEM upper management executives with touch points to the clients products. Designed the template for a client satisfaction survey focused on creating the next generation products. The client used the results to increase their customer loyalty and create the road map for future product development.

California, Process Improvement Study – US Automotive Aftermarket Distributor
Led a project that created a map of the internal product flow from receiving to inventory control to customer ordering and shipping to the clients. Used results to establish internal controls and reduce inventory holding costs by 34%.

Mumbai, India, US Market Entry Strategy – Educational Software Company
iGrowth Strategies helped this India-based technology education company develop its international business expansion and US market entry strategy. Through a partner organization, we helped this software company build out its web- delivery infrastructure. The company was purchased by a major competitor for its content and distribution networks.

California, Process Mapping and Training – Major Western US Bank
Led a team of 5 consultants to assess existing bank vault procedures, conduct staff interviews, and map existing internal procedures. Used results from the studies to work closely with senior bank management to co-create the desired future map to modernize procedures and reduce long-standing inefficiencies.

Westminster, Colorado, Advisor to the CEO/Founder – Cleantech Services Company
Serving on the Advisory Board and working as an Executive Coach to the CEO/Founder focused on helping him understand the Colorado Funding Ecosystem, presentation optimization, and issues involving key distribution and expansion issues post-funding. Have been requested to consider joining company as an Interim Senior Team member to work on marketing, business development and international licensing issues.

New York, Recruited and Led Senior Team – Global Digital Direct Marketing Firm
As Chief Strategy Officer/COO, I was charged with leading the development of the business plan and recruiting the senior team. Influential in helping the company obtain $7 million in outside financing to develop the global product launch strategy and grow the team from 2 to 45 employees in an eighteen month period. Company was partially acquired by a major competitor.

California, Consulting Company Creation – Fortune 50 Auto Manufacturer
Led a 6 member team on a nearly two-year project to recruit, interview, and select 80 automotive industry consultants from a pool of 420 applicants we attracted. These consultants were trained in sales techniques dedicated to the Generation “Y” market, the target market of the new OEM product launch initiative. Collaborated with another team of outside consultants to develop the curriculum used as above